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Kim Bhasin / Bloomberg:
Massachusetts-based Dust Identity, which links physical items to digital records with diamond dust marks, raised a $40M Series B led by Castle Island Ventures  —  - Company marks goods with invisible diamond dust for tracing  — Aim is to combat counterfeiting in growing memorabilia market

Jensen Huang says Nvidia has been “working very closely with the US government” to create products that comply with US curbs on high-end chip exports to China  —  SINGAPORE, Dec 6 (Reuters) - Nvidia (NVDA.O) will continue to develop a new set of products that comply …

Jordan Fragen / VentureBeat:
Twitch plans to shut down in South Korea on February 27, 2024, saying the country was “prohibitively expensive” to operate in despite working to reduce costs  —  Games livestreaming platform Twitch is shutting down its business operations in South Korea February 27, 2024.

Greg Bensinger / Reuters:
At an all-hands meeting, Cruise President Mo Elshenawy said the company has hit an “all-time low” and its tech needs to be “significantly better” than humans  —  General Motors' Cruise autonomous vehicle unit has hit an “all time low,” said its new leader …

Duncan Riley / SiliconANGLE:
Asana reports Q3 revenue up 18% YoY to $166.5M, vs. $164.09M est., but warns macroeconomic headwinds continue to impact its net retention rates; ASAN drops 10%+  —  Shares in Asana Inc. were down by over 12% in late trading today after the work management software company warned …

Nilay Patel / The Verge:
Q&A with IBM Quantum Director Jerry Chow on the state of quantum computing, IBM's 10-year quantum roadmap, the IBM Quantum Heron processor, qubits, AI, and more  —  What's a qubit?  Are quantum computers useful yet?  And how wrong was Ant-Man, anyway? … Today, I'm talking with Jerry Chow.

Duncan Riley / SiliconANGLE:
Cisco debuts new security tools, including Cisco AI Assistant for Security, which can understand event triage, impact and scope, root cause analysis, and more  —  Cisco Systems Inc. today announced a new artificial intelligence assistant designed to enhance cybersecurity measures …

Financial Times:
Binance CEO Richard Teng refuses to disclose the location of the company's global headquarters, maintaining a stance taken by former CEO Changpeng Zhao  —  Richard Teng maintains stance on that information held before crypto exchange pleaded guilty to US charges last month

Natasha Mascarenhas / The Information:
Source: VC firm OpenView laid off most of its staff and does not plan to make new investments, after several partners recently left the firm  —  OpenView Venture Partners, a Boston-based venture capital firm that has backed enterprise software firms such as Calendly and Expensify …

Mackenzie Hawkins / Bloomberg:
Dutch manufacturer of chipmaking gear ASM International plans to invest ~$324M in a US headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, and hire 500 people for the facility  —  - Company is set to hire 500 people for new Scottsdale facility  — ASM is weighing whether to apply for US funding, CEO says

Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica:
Microsoft plans to offer three additional years of monthly Windows 10 security updates, paid for annually, after the OS' end-of-support date on October 14, 2025  —  Windows 10 gets a version of the program that extended updates for Windows 7.  —  Windows 10's end-of-support date is October 14, 2025.

Jay Peters / The Verge:
iOS 17.2 RC brings Qi2 wireless charging support to iPhone 13 and iPhone 14-series devices; Apple hasn't said if the phones will charge at 15W on Qi2 chargers  —  Apple just pushed the release candidate of iOS 17.2, and the upcoming update brings support for the Qi2 wireless charging standard …

Hayden Field / CNBC:
Elon Musk's xAI files with the US SEC to raise up to $1B in an equity offering, saying the startup has raised nearly $135M from four investors since November 29  —  - X.AI, Elon Musk's artificial intelligence startup, has filed with the SEC to raise up to $1 billion in an equity offering.

Katie Roof / Bloomberg:
Gecko Robotics, whose robots inspect infrastructure for industries including energy, defense, and manufacturing, raised $100M at a $633M post-money valuation  —  - Company is valued at $633 million by USIT, Founders Fund  — Pittsburgh-based startup builds inspection robots and software

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Samantha Cole / 404 Media:
Alibaba's paper on its Animate Anyone AI model goes viral after videos show the model can replace TikTok influencers after being trained on TikTokers' videos  —  A team of researchers from Chinese retail and technology giant Alibaba released a paper this week detailing a new model, which they call “Animate Anyone.”

I'm back in the Wordle groove, having done the last 42 puzzles without missing one. I think I understand the game much better now. I do sometimes make mistakes, and always pay for them. The thing that keeps me coming back is the feeling when you press Return to see the result of your first guess. It's like opening a present, only better. If you get two green tiles, you can bask in the glow of being extremely lucky. If you guess well you usually can solve the puzzle in three or at most four moves. I've never gotten it in two, and I don't usually try, and when I do it's usually a mistake, I would have done better to stick with the plan of eliminating a bunch of letters and confirming others, and then go for solution in the third round. But the thing that keeps me coming back is the feeling of getting a really good present, and that feeling of fortune and a bit of love, self-love, when you see the answer, decide to go for it, and see five green tiles open up one at a time. That's the feeling that keeps me coming back day after day.