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Monica Nickelsburg / GeekWire:
Seattle unanimously approved new regulations that would ensure Uber and Lyft drivers earn minimum wage, the second US city to establish the standard after NYC  —  Seattle became the second big city in the nation to establish a minimum wage standard for Uber and Lyft drivers on Tuesday.

Steve O'Hear / TechCrunch:
UK-based Huboo, which offers an end-to-end fulfillment service for online retailers, raises £14M Series A led by Stride.VC  —  Huboo, the U.K.-headquartered startup that offers an end-to-end fulfilment service for online retailers of all sizes, has raised £14 million in Series A funding.

Todd Bishop / GeekWire:
Amazon launches a beta of its live virtual experiences service, Amazon Explore, allowing US customers to book one-on-one remote tours led by local experts  —  One morning last week, I went on a walking tour of Quebec City with an experienced local tour guide, from the majestic Parliament …

Abner Li / 9to5Google:
Google extends free access to Meet's unlimited call times for Gmail accounts through March 2021  —  Google is trying hard to make Meet a video conferencing competitor by adding a torrent of new features in quick succession.  After making premium features free at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic …

Jeanne Whalen / Washington Post:
Sources: CFIUS is stepping up scrutiny of past Chinese tech investments in US startups, sending inquiries to some companies about years-old deals  —  The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States has contacted dozens of U.S. companies to screen shareholders for national-security risks.

Jeremy Burge / Emojipedia:
A look at the new emojis coming in iOS 14.2, including bubble tea, people bottle-feeding a baby, a transgender flag, a seal, a feather, and more  —  The wait is nearly over for iOS users: bubble tea, a transgender flag, seal, feather and more emojis are included in the latest iOS beta.

Facebook promotes longtime growth executive Alex Schultz to take over as chief marketing officer following Antonio Lucio's departure last month  —  - Alex Schultz is taking over as chief marketing officer  — Schultz led Facebook's growth and data analytics efforts

Kyle Wiggers / VentureBeat:
Smart intercom manufacturer ButterflyMX raises $35M led by Volition Capital, bringing its total raised to $58M+, as its products raise privacy concerns  —  Smart intercom maker ButterflyMX today raised $35 million in a growth equity round led by Volition Capital that brings its total raised to date to over $58 million.

Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:
Online learning company, Thinkific, which lets anyone list courses and serve them from their own site, raises $22M led by Rhino Ventures  —  It's been a big year for online learning companies — and it sounds like Thinkific is no exception.  The Vancouver-based startup is announcing that it has raised $22 million in new funding.

Will Evans / Reveal:
Investigation into Amazon's warehouse safety, based on data from 150 warehouses between 2016-2019, finds rising injury rates, which Amazon has attempted to hide  —  Robots.  Prime Day.  Holiday peak.  Internal records show Amazon has deceived the public on rising injury rates among its warehouse workers.

Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet:
French shipping giant CMA CGM says it has been hit by ransomware; the four biggest maritime shipping companies globally have suffered cyberattacks since 2017  —  Maritime industry needs to focus more on securing shore-based systems and stop prioritizing the less likely ship-based attacks.

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:
Rally raises $17M from Porsche Ventures, Alexis Ohanian, and others for its service that lets users list and invest in, but not buy, collectibles  —  When people ponder the investment opportunity around collectibles, they probably think about things like wine auctions, sales of very expensive …

Poll: How many pushups can Trump do?

Kevin Roose / New York Times:
Analysis shows that QAnon supporters' move to hijack #SaveTheChildren in July, following 8chan's disappearance, has substantially increased followers and reach  —  Last year, QAnon was on the ropes.  —  The pro-Trump conspiracy theory had been left homeless by the disappearance of 8chan …

Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch:
Arm unveils new chip designs for autonomous systems for both automotive and industrial use, with built-in safety that ensures each calculation is double-checked  —  Chip designer Arm today announced the launch of a new set of solutions for autonomous systems for both automotive and industrial use cases.

Foo Yun Chee / Reuters:
Sources: EU is set to approve Google's Fitbit acquisition  —  BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Alphabet's Google is set to win EU antitrust approval for its $2.1 billion purchase of fitness tracker maker Fitbit to take on Apple and Samsung in the wearable technology market, people familiar with the matter said.

Here's a Hello World web app for ES6 modules. It uses a module that defines one function, secsSince. It then calls that from another module, and displays the result on the page. It's as simple as I could make it and it works. Not sure I want to use ES6 modules, but at least now I know how to do it, and you do too. All the other tutorials were missing some information you need to understand how modules work. The most confusing thing about modules is that you can only invoke modules from other modules. That means all the JavaScript code in your web app has to be in a module. Not sensible imho, but also not much of a burden. BTW you can run the code without downloading.

The ideal blogging tool design would come from merging the publishing of WordPress with the interactivity of Facebook.

I don't mean the culture of either product. WordPress imho is too exclusive in its deployment. It should be easier. And without any FB-like algorithms.

You should be able to deploy it on your own. It should install as easily as an app on your iPhone. And you should have full control of hosting. Move whenever you want with no breakage. It should be as easy to port as it was to install.

A cartoon from 2005.

Joe Biden will show up tonight for a normal presidential debate. Trump is coming to an incitement. He'll point to Biden and say he'll take away your guns. He supports same-sex marriage and abortion. He will give all your money to black people. Biden is the new Hillary. A puppet for the deep state. Your life is over if you allow them to steal this election. The them is everyone but White Christian MAGAs. Get ready to revolt. I'll stand by you if you stand by me, says Trump.

Today's Daily podcast about the Trump tax returns had a fair amount of info, but overall was disappointing. Barbaro never came to grips with a key idea: Trump is not a rich guy evading taxes. He's broke. He's a loser. That's his usual state, even though he's had two huge windfalls of cash, first from his father and then from The Apprentice. Each time he's invested in marginal businesses and his management turned them into failures. Then he borrowed, failed to pay back his debt, went bankrupt. He's about to go bankrupt again with the $400 million that comes due in the term he's running for now. But we don't know who he owes the money to, but we can take a good guess. The big takeaway from the tax returns is Trump is a loser. It's a shame they don't have a whole podcast series about what's in the returns. We've spent so much time speculating about the truth of Trump, now we have a huge load of data. Podcasts are the best medium for revealing it. Sadly only the NYT has this story, so it's not getting a deep dive.

Rudy lost his last marble.

If th' president doesn't pay taxes why should I?!!!

This is the best thing I've read today. It says when collapse happens you might not notice. We are post-collapse in the US, the author says. You know what, I believe it. "I used to judge those herds of gazelle when the lion eats one of them alive and everyone keeps going — but no, humans are just the same. That’s the real meaning of herd immunity. We’re fundamentally immune to giving a shit."

Braintrust query: Flow of ES6 modules.

Remember Romney's 47 percent speech to Republican donors. The nice Republican. They really think this way. Do they think you should live? Probably not. A waste of resources. You just want handouts. Repub dogma: 47 percent of the people are disposable.

Sometimes I think my blog is one of those diaries in science fiction stories that chronicle the downfall of a civilization. First things looked a little bad, then very bad, then boom! 💥

Debate question for Trump: Why do you want to be president?

Trump's Taxes is not a horse race story. The questions it raises -- 1. Can a president so deeply in debt concentrate on his job, and 2. When making a decision can he focus on the needs of the country over his own needs?

You know there are people you don't like and people you actually despise. But if they have a good idea, the right thing to do is suck it up and say so.

It drives me crazy that the press makes everything about Dems and Repubs. Yes the Dems will be disappointed if the country disintegrates into civil war and becomes a zombie zone full of covid, but don't you get that other people will be unhappy too?

We're waiting for an alliance between the people and the press that stops making everything about one party vs the other, and starts looking at us as a country of 328 million people. Look for new voices that can help you get to what matters.

I suggested a few years ago that one of the networks move one of their evening shows to Michigan or Ohio, just to shift the perspective a bit. It would work. Probably one of the most revolutionary things they could do, and it's so easy.

The House could still impeach Trump to halt the ratification of the new Supreme Court justice. And the Democrats, assuming they take power in January, can increase the size of the court to whatever they want. Of course the Repubs will scream bloody murder and the press will repeat that, with volume, because it's an exciting story. And we know the Dems can't stand that. Look what they did to Al Franken. Concerned they would be called hypocrites by the Repubs, itself an act of total hypocrisy, they destroyed his career which was going pretty well, you'd have to say. One of the most eloquent Democrats in a party that has trouble finishing sentences, much less whole thoughts.

Tim Bray wrote how subscriptions don't work for news. All readers know this. Since people in news orgs must read other pubs, they must know it too. We need a meter on our browsers, a set of prefs we easily control, a max budget, a special offer to subscribe when it makes economic sense. Create an easy path to subscribing, not the brutal wall that interrupts you at exactly the wrong moment. We can bootstrap a rational system for news that grows. The web should be a fantastic way to get news, not the repetive junky stuff we get now, but news with real nutrient value. We're stuck and don't need to be.