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Chance Miller / 9to5Mac:
Twitter announces a “continue thread” option, a new feature that links tweets together while they are being composed  —  Twitter is rolling out a new feature that makes it easier to thread multiple tweets together.  With this change, you can now link tweets together while you compose them.

Alfred Ng / CNET:
In a letter, the House Oversight Committee asks Amazon about Ring's partnerships with governments and police depts. and Ring's policies regarding collected data  —  Congress is knocking on Amazon's door with questions about its video doorbell company, Ring, and the hundreds of police partnerships Ring has built over the last two years.

Cynthia Koons / Bloomberg:
Family planning telehealth startup Maven raises $45M Series C from Icon Ventures, Sequoia, others, and launched its Wallet service to manage benefits this year  —  Family-planning benefits are often difficult to navigate.  A tech company is trying to change that.

Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet:
Home addresses and other data of 10.6M+ guests who stayed at MGM Resorts hotels before 2018, including Jack Dorsey, were posted on a hacking forum this week  —  MGM Resorts said security incident took place last summer and notified impacted guests last year.

Christine Negroni / New York Times:
Current US air traffic systems are ill equipped to deal with the coming surges in air congestion from drones and urban air mobility vehicles  —  As aviation technology becomes more integrated into everyday life, providers of new services brace for the unknown.

Julie Verhage / Bloomberg:
Profile of neobank Chime, which has 8M accounts, is reportedly valued at $5.8B, and will soon offer 1.6% interest on savings, compared to industry average of 1%  —  In Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are making big bets that the future of banking is digital …

Video demo of the Tweeted Threads feature, probably coming out tomorrow, 2/20/2020, a magical day.

Here's a screen shot of the outline the thread came from.

Sean Hollister / The Verge:
An in-depth look at Samsung's Ultra Thin Glass, used on the Galaxy Z Flip: how its thinness allows it to fold but requires a plastic protective layer  —  On February 11th, 2020, Samsung introduced the world's first folding glass phone: the Galaxy Z Flip.  Samsung declared that it had broken …

Jennifer Elias / CNBC:
Documents: US EEOC is investigating Google's alleged discrimination against Chelsey Glasson, an employee who wrote publicly about her treatment while pregnant  —  - The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has opened an investigation into a former Google employee's pregnancy discrimination case, CNBC has learned.

Joseph Menn / Reuters:
Sources: following Brexit, Google plans to move UK user accounts out of EU's jurisdiction and into the US', where privacy protections are weaker  —  SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google is planning to move its British users' accounts out of the control of European Union privacy regulators …

Alex Kantrowitz / BuzzFeed News:
Inside the FBI's complaint against two ex-Twitter employees who allegedly accessed personal info of thousands of users on behalf of Saudi Arabia for $300K+  —  Ali Alzabarah was panicked.  His heart raced as he drove home from Twitter's San Francisco headquarters in the early evening on Dec. 2, 2015.

Todd Spangler / Variety:
Dish's Sling TV now has 2.5M subscribers, losing 94,000 in Q4, the first time it lost subscribers since its 2015 launch  —  Dish Network continued to feel the cord-cutting sting in the fourth quarter of 2019: While its total subscriber losses in the period were not as bad as the year earlier …

Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo:
Larry Tesler, an influential figure at Xerox PARC and Apple who coined “cut, copy, paste” and advocated for modeless computing, has died at 74  —  The advent of the personal computer wasn't just about making these powerful machines available to everyone, it was also about making …

NBC News:
Chess has seen rapid viewership growth on Twitch, with time spent watching rising by 500% since 2016, fostering a new culture in a previously staid domain  —  Grandmasters and upstarts are reinventing the game online, becoming its most visible ambassadors and arguably its first entertainers.

Casey Newton / The Verge:
Facebook's decisions around influencers' ads made for politicians, like exempting them from its Ads Library, seem inconsistent with the aim of earlier policies  —  And yet they're still better than what some governments are proposing  —  Over the weekend, a familiar debate broke out over a Facebook policy decision.

Mishaal Rahman / XDA Developers:
Android 11 boosts privacy with temporary app permissions, like “Allow Once” option in iOS, and requiring apps use Scoped Storage API, despite developer backlash  —  Ahead of schedule, Google today released the first Developer Preview of the next version of the Android OS: Android 11.

A thread I tweeted from a test version of LO2.

Honestly, either Klobuchar or Warren are more attractive than the others. I would definitely go with Klobuchar, still.

I don't want to say anything bad about the others.

Choosing a candidate to me has nothing to do with judging the morals of the person. I have no insight into that. These "people" are images of people, not real.

You're selling a mirror to voters. It's imperfect. But when they look in the mirror do they like what it says about themselves.

I liked looking into the Obama mirror. It says to me "we've accomplished something in my lifetime."

When I looked at HRC, I saw some level of competence, but mostly "NOT TRUMP."

Why I like Klobuchar is what I see is "This is America." A compromise with the other half of the country. I think enough of us can agree that this is America, for now, that we might be able to restore the rule of law.

I honestly don't think most people get how deep in the hole we are now. We'd make a better decision if we were.

PS: I used this post to test my outline-tweeting code.

Put the cursor on a headline.

Click on the tweet icon.

We confirm you want to post X tweets.

  • First we make sure none of them are too long.
  • If so, we report that instead of confirming. We move the cursor to the offending headline.

LO2 visits all the subs and tweets them, in a thread. All linked in a reply chain starting with the first one.

  • We strip any markup from the text. So don't bother boldfacing items or linking. It'll all be gone as it's sent to Twitter.
  • Ignore commented lines and their subs.

How threading works

  • The first item tweeted is in reply to nothing.
  • The second is in reply to the first.
  • The third in reply to the second.
  • The Nth in reply to the (N-1)th.

Will people use this? I don't know, but it's worth a try. Let's see what happens.

How journalism covers presidential politics. Gotcha, gotcha, horse race, gotcha, horse race, horse race, gotcha, gotcha, horse race, gotcha, gotcha, horse race, horse race, horse race.

Every so often I hear of people who want to change RSS. There is a mechanism for that, it’s like amending the Constitution, but much easier. Create a namespace. Put your new or redefined tags there. I created a namespace for my additions, documented here.

Andrew Shell did a voicemailcast about his work with rssCloud, which plugs into RSS 2.0 feeds, and maintains backward compatibility with my implementation which I no longer maintain. He has to do really horrible things to run my software to be sure his stuff still works with it. His philosophy is mine. I really have very little influence on what other people do, sometimes they seem to not listen to prove they don't have to listen, and over time all our work gets erased. But Andrew definitely is a charter member of the soon-to-be-famous No Breakage Club.

Update on Concord work. I've been trying to fit a more powerful keystroke capturer under Concord's keyboard handling code, but I'm not ready to debug the resulting code, which would basically be turned inside-out. The problem is that none of the JavaScript key handlers (that I've found so far) will decode an existing event, they have to actually capture the event itself and call back to the app. Maybe there's an exception. If such a toolkit exists, that would make the systematization of Concord's keystroke handling simple enough to attempt. The goal is to have all combinations of option, shift, cmd (or cntrl) be handleable by the outliner.

For tomorrow night's debate. It's 2021, you're president, there's a vacancy on the Supreme Court. You appoint a qualified judge, the Senate refuses to confirm. They'll wait for a Repub president, says the majority leader. What do you do?