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Cecilia D'Anastasio / Bloomberg:
Filing: Roblox paid out a record $740.8M to over 12,000 game creators in 2023, up 19% YoY; ~3,500 creators earned over $10,000, and ~750 earned over $100K  —  - About 12,000 game creators generated money from the site  — The majority of Roblox players are 16 years old or younger

Ryan Smith / AnandTech:
Intel's Direct Connect announcements: IFS rebranded to Intel Foundry, “systems foundry” era, 18A-P, 14A, and Hybrid Bonding, five nodes in four years, and more  —  5 nodes in 4 years.  This is what Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger promised Intel's customers, investors …

Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:
Q&A with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger on Intel Foundry, IDM 2.0, working with Amazon, packaging, 18A, innovation in Moore's Law, reluctant customers, AI, and more  —  Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger today launched Intel Foundry as a sustainable systems foundry business designed for the AI era.

Ian King / Bloomberg:
Microsoft plans to use Intel's 18A tech to make a chip that Microsoft designed in-house; Microsoft recently announced a computer processor and an AI accelerator  —  - Move marks a win for Intel's push into made-to-order chips  — Microsoft is looking to design more semiconductors in-house

Ryan Smith / AnandTech:
Arm prepares to release its Neoverse V3 and N3 CPU designs to its customers, offering up to 128 cores and more, for server, cloud, and infrastructure  —  A bit over 5 years ago, Arm announced their Neoverse initiative for server, cloud, and infrastructure CPU cores.

New York Times:
Tech insiders and engineers say China lags behind the US in generative AI by at least one year, leading Chinese companies to rely on US models like Meta's LLaMA  —  China's tech firms were caught off guard by breakthroughs in generative artificial intelligence.  Beijing's regulations and a sagging economy aren't helping.

Yoshiaki Nohara / Bloomberg:
How Japan plans to spend ~$67B to revive domestic chipmaking prowess, hoping to leverage the US' supply chain concerns; Rapidus plans to make 2nm chips by 2027  —  US-China tech battle makes semiconductors a key economic security concern for policymakers  —  Deep in the snowy northern island …

Louis Columbus / VentureBeat:
CrowdStrike's Global Threat Report: in 2023, cloud intrusions grew 75%, data theft victims named on data leak sites grew 76%, 34 new groups were named, and more  —  Traditional security approaches aren't closing the gap fast enough against the onslaught of cyberattacks growing in severity and sophistication every day.

Jess Weatherbed / The Verge:
WhatsApp rolls out support for bulleted and numbered lists, block quotes, and inline code to highlight and organize messages on Android, iOS, web, and macOS  —  Four new text formatting options have been added to WhatsApp to help users communicate more effectively.

Arasu Kannagi Basil / Reuters:
Chipmaker Astera Labs, which offers cloud and AI connectivity hardware, files for a US IPO, reporting 2023 revenue up 44.9% YoY to $115.8M and a $26.3M net loss  —  Chipmaker Astera Labs revealed its loss narrowed in 2023 in its filing on Wednesday to go public in the United States …

Tom Warren / The Verge:
Microsoft Copilot Pro review: the $20/month service is a good start that offers impressive image generation and useful features in Word and other Office apps  —  Microsoft's Copilot Pro launched last month as a $20 monthly subscription that provides access to AI-powered features inside some Office apps …

Paul Sawers / TechCrunch:
Clumio, a data backup and recovery service for companies using the public cloud, raised a $75M Series D, following a $135M Series C in November 2019  —  Clumio, a data backup and recovery provider for companies using the public cloud, has raised $75 million in a Series D round of funding.

Katie Paul / Reuters:
Israel-based BRIA, a Getty-backed AI image generation startup that licenses 1B+ images from 18 stock providers, raised a $24M Series A from Publicis and others  —  A “responsible” AI image generation startup backed by stock photo provider Getty Images (GETY.N) has raised $24 million in a Series …

Consider this quote from a WP article about a court ruling on abortion in Alabama. β€œWomen who actually know what happened, feel under attack and almost powerless.” When historians look back on this election, they will be amazed that all the attention wasn't focused on reproductive rights, esp when 1. It mattered so much to virtually every American, in very real non-abstract ways, and 2. There was such a dramatic difference between the two parties and candidates on this issue. I think I understand why journalism can't get there. Because they would have to turn the agenda over to the people, and give up a power they have and enjoy, even if that power has repeatedly sent us wildly in the wrong direction, focusing on things that don't matter as much as the gut-wrenching decision Americans have to make this year. Do we want to let Republicans enslave women, 1/2 half the populace, or do we want to return to the way things were before Dobbs. I don't have to explain. Very few people on the fence here. What we need are people directly affected by this situation, women of childbearing age, and let them speak, over and over, every day, about all the ways their lives are turned upside down by the direction the Repubs are taking us. No longer trying to take us. There isn't much to argue about here, it's fairly black and white and it is a real division, not one of the bullshit devisions the Repubs have been able to trick the journalists to focus on.

Todd Spangler / Variety:
Apple debuts Apple Sports, a free app offering scores and stats for the NBA, NHL, Premier League, and more, in the US, Canada, and the UK, on iOS 17.2 or later  —  Game on!  Apple launched a free standalone app for sports fans, Apple Sports, which is engineered to fire scores and stats to your iPhone as quickly as possible.

Matt Burgess / Wired:
Apple unveils PQ3, a post-quantum cryptographic protocol for iMessage built on the Kyber algorithm, launching in iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, and macOS 14.4 in March  —  Useful quantum computers aren't a reality—yet.  But in one of the biggest deployments of post-quantum encryption so far, Apple is bringing the technology to iMessage.

Journalists like everyone in America should pray President Biden stays healthy, because our only alternative is Putin. And btw in Russia, the non-government-owned news people had to leave, to go into exile. The journalists are playing with fire not just for us, but for themselves too. It's not ridiculous to ring the bells really loud about this because we've already lived through this nightmare once.

I don't like Twitter/X -- it's stupid, it already had a perfectly good name. It is what it is. I use Twitter, I don't imagine stopping, certainly not as some kind of demonstration. But it isn't X or Twitter/X. It's just stupid old fucked up Twitter, only now it's fucked for a different reason. I might go for Twitter/F as in Twitter is Fucked thank you very much. And have a nice day. πŸ˜„

One thing that's great about ChatGPT is they can help you make a decision in an area you lack expertise and where there is no human you can ask for help making the decision. It's making this human smarter, and it's hard to see the downside of that.

Here's an example. I'm trying to decide whether I should get size 11 rental ski boots or size 11.5. The person behind the counter at the rental place isn't capable of having a long conversation about this, where I get to ask two follow-up questions.

Instead they would say sorry, what size did you say you wanted sir?

The kid isn't thinking about the old dude. πŸ˜„

Surely there must be people inside the NYT that find this as exhausting as we do. How can we set up a receptacle for leaks from inside the NYT and WP so we can get the truth about who's selling us out to Trump and Putin inside those supposedly great public-serving news orgs?