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What We Do Best

We ensure that your software get realized, that they are sustainably developed and carefully maintained.

Our Services

We build software, primarily complex web based systems, native mobile apps and Virtual Reality apps/games. Occasionally we build CMS backed websites.

What we are best for?

  • If your organization needs to prototype and experiment with certain ideas.
    • We are really good at engaging and iterating on ideas thanks to our extensive experience working at our Innolabs.
  • If your organization need to track something.
    • We have worked over 10 years in cash logistics (trucks moving money/cash around) at the 2nd largest provider in Egypt.
  • If your organization needs HR solution.
    • The largest private bank in Egypt entrusts their hiring process on our system.
  • If your organization needs community platform (blogs, registration, forum, file sharing).
  • If you are a government entity that wants to implement a national system that follows the law and integrate both centralized control and empower local entities.
    • We have developed a couple of national systems that powers critical functions in several government and UN agencies.
    • We are expert at engaging with complex stakeholder structure that exists in government agencies.
    • We are expert at building systems that have to follow extensive government regulations.
  • If you are a startup that requires tracking or high processing transaction system.
    • Two of our startups are involved in the demanding delivery logistics at scale.
  • If your organization requires VR/AR system, including game development.
    • Our Innolabs has dedicated itself on working on highly interactive and immersive VR/AR/Mixed Reality applications.

What we do?

  • If you have a written requirements, we review those requirements, clarify and improve them.
  • If you have a product idea, we develop the requirements and create paper prototypes.
  • We implement the software using our technology stack of choice.
  • We write thorough user, administration and operational manual for your team.
  • We train users whenever applicable and train the trainers.

Plans and Schedule

Software development by nature is volatile. The more novel the problems, the more unpredictable it is.

We are not going to promise that your project is going to be always on time and on budget.

We do promise that you will receive a software product that will make you proud and happy. The product will be easy to use, secure and efficient in accomplishing its goals.