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A busier year

# 27 Mar 2016

We are engaged in a lot of interesting projects in Egypt. We are hiring!

A busy year

# 10 Jan 2016


We are launching a brand new R&D division called Inno Labs.

We are hiring! Please visit for more details.

InnoLabs logo

The reason for InnoLabs is to allow SilverKey to experiment with wide range of digital ideas from VR, Apps, to heavy weight protocols such as NDC. The teams set in this division are dedicated to rapid prototyping and review of ideas instead the usual conservative software engineering process that we are doing at SilverKey. We will be testing, designing and producing demos and prototypes. Most of them will be thrown away. A few we will keep and turn into products and services.

When we found working ideas, we will throw away the prototypes and rebuild it with proper engineering.


Late last year we took over the engineering of Fer2etak, the largest and the only Fantasy football site in the Middle East. We have improved the scalability of the site tremendously - in some areas reducing operationts that used to take hours to only mere minutes.

Soon we will start development on their native Apps. It's an exicting year.

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