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UUIDv7 in 33 languages

published on 2024/07/09

UUIDv7 is a 128-bit unique identifier like it's older siblings, such as the widely used UUIDv4. But unlike v4, UUIDv7 is time-sortable with 1 ms precision. By combining the timestamp and the random parts, UUIDv7 becomes an excellent choice for record identifiers in databases, including distributed ones.

MapLibre open-source mapping libraries

published on 2024/07/09

Open-source TypeScript library for publishing maps on your website. Great performance due to GPU-accelerated vector tile rendering.


Overture Maps Foundation

published on 2024/07/09

Sourcing and curating high-quality, up-to-date, and comprehensive map data from disparate sources is difficult and expensive.

Overture aims to incorporate map data from multiple sources including Overture Members, civic organizations, and open data sources.

Multiple datasets reference the same real-world entities using their own conventions and vocabulary, making them difficult to merge and combine.

Overture Maps will simplify interoperability by providing a system that links entities from different data sets to the same real-world entities.

Overture Maps

Study finds that while AI can be great, it also struggles due to training limitations

published on 2024/07/07

Overall, ChatGPT was fairly good at solving problems in the different coding languages—but especially when attempting to solve coding problems that existed on LeetCode before 2021. For instance, it was able to produce functional code for easy, medium, and hard problems with success rates of about 89, 71, and 40 percent, respectively.

Medusa 2.0 Public Preview Release

published on 2024/07/07

Medusa is an commerce platform with a built-in framework for customizations

The following document covers resources, guides, and things to know about the first preview release of Medusa 2.0. It will help you get started and give you a high-level overview of your new Medusa 2.0 application and what’s still to be done.