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AsyncAPI Initiative

published on 2024/02/18

AsyncAPI is an open source initiative that seeks to improve the current state of Event-Driven Architectures (EDA). Our long-term goal is to make working with EDAs as easy as working with REST APIs. That goes from documentation to code generation, from discovery to event management, and beyond.

Introducing the Natural Language to SQL API

published on 2024/02/15

The Dataherald hosted API allows you to add business context from various sources (such as data dictionaries, dbt, Confluence docs, Google docs), identify relevant data tables, fine-tune NL-to-SQL LLMs specific to your data, and to assess confidence levels in AI-generated SQL – all with a few simple API calls. ‍> With the Dataherald hosted API you can:

  • Explain Your Data: Feed in dictionaries, docs, schemas - we'll understand your business context.
  • Train Your AI: Fine-tune an LLM (including GPT-4) specifically for your data, increasing accuracy and lowering latency
  • Trust the Answer: See confidence scores with each AI-generated query, stay in control.
  • Conduct complex SQL queries

Dataherald integrates with major data warehouses, including PostgreSQL, Databricks, Snowflake, BigQuery, and DuckDB.

Data Herald

This looks fanstastic. Text to SQL could be a game changer for many enterprises.

I didn't invent RSS. I did something much greater, I compromised.

published on 2024/02/12

I didn't invent RSS. I did something much greater, I compromised. We had the leading blogging software at the time, and Netscape had the feeds of four credible news orgs. When you put them together, that turned out to be huge power. We eventually pulled in all of social media and all of professional publishing into one format. Ask anyone who was active at the time. The blogging world adopted RSS in an instant, in 1999 and 2000. And in 2002, when the NYT adopted it, again, in an instant the entire news world all of a sudden all had RSS feeds. You can see it in the steady stream of announcements in the archive of this blog. #

BTW there was someone brilliant at Netscape who saw our compromise and responded with more compromise. Their next version of RSS had some of the features we had left behind in our format. We never asked them to do that, they just figured it out. Collaboration is something that requires two, one person can't collaborate on their own. I know that sounds ridiculous, but sometimes people don't look for the other party who made compromise possible.#

Dave Winer's is a giant in open web protocol. His principle of always looking for collaboration and interoperability is wonderful. If you love your podcasts, you owe him a thank! His works were critical in creating them.

A review Software Architecture: The Hard Parts

published on 2024/02/12

I recently read the book "Software Architecture: The Hard Parts" by Neal Ford, Mark, Richards, Pramod Sadalage & Zhamak Dehghani, and this is my review of the book.

Techworld with Milan

The Inox platform is a single binary web development platform with built in database and web server

published on 2024/02/10

The Inox platform is released as a single binary that will contain all you need to develop, test, and deploy web apps that are primarily rendered server-side. Applications are developped using Inoxlang, a sandboxed programming language that deeply integrates with Inox's built-in database engine, testing engine and HTTP server.


What a fantastic idea. This kind of approach can be very productive in generating prototypes.