SmartStore is an ASP.NET Core 6 based OSS eCommerce framework

published on 2022/12/12
  • State of the art architecture thanks to ASP.NET Core 6, Entity Framework Core 6 and Domain Driven Design
  • Cross-platform: run it on Windows, Linux, or Mac
  • Supports Docker out of the box for easy deployment
  • Composable, easy to extend and extremely flexible thanks to modular design
  • Highly scalable thanks to full page caching and web farm support
  • A powerful theming engine lets you create or customize themes & skins with minimum effort thanks to theme inheritance
  • Point&Click theme configuration
  • Liquid template engine: very flexible templating for e-mails and campaigns with autocompletion and syntax highlighting
  • Html to PDF converter: PDF documents are created from regular HTML templates, therefore radically simplifying PDF output customization
  • Consistent and sophisticated use of modern components such as Vue.js, Sass, Bootstrap & more in the front and back end.
  • Easy shop management thanks to modern and clean UI


This looks fantastic. We can't wait to try it out.