Kotlin Multiplatform is ready for production

published on 2023/11/07

In a highly anticipated move, Kotlin Multiplatform, an open-source technology built by JetBrains that allows developers to share code across platforms while retaining the benefits of native programming, has become Stable and is now 100% ready for use in production.

The core of the Kotlin Multiplatform technology consists of many parts, such as compiler support, language features, the libraries API, IDEs, build tooling, and more. All of these cover the most popular code-sharing use-cases and are stable in Kotlin 1.9.20. “Stable” means that we will evolve those parts following strict compatibility rules, so you can confidently use them in your code.

Compose Multiplatform, a modern declarative cross-platform UI framework by JetBrains, is a significant part of the ever-expanding KMP ecosystem. With Compose Multiplatform, you now have full code-sharing flexibility. Share just one piece of logic, all application logic, or both the logic and the UI, depending on your project’s and team’s requirements:

Compose Multiplatform for Android and desktop (JVM) is already Stable, while support for iOS is currently in Alpha and support for web (Wasm) is Experimental.


Kotlin is the best language out of the JVM and KMM looks like a very solid offering for the mobile platform especially.