Incremental ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core Migration

published on 2022/06/04

Many large applications are being used daily for business-critical applications. These need to continue to function and cannot be put on hold for a potentially long migration to ASP.NET Core. This means that while a migration is occurring, the application needs to still be production ready and new functionality can be added and deployed as usual.

A pattern that has proven to work for this kind of process is the Strangler Fig Pattern. The Strangler Fig Pattern is used to replace an existing legacy system a piece at a time until the whole system has been updated and the old system can be decommissioned. This pattern is one that is fairly easy to grasp in the abstract, but the question often arises how to actually use this in practice. This is part of the incremental migration journey that we want to provide concrete guidance around.

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This is a fantastic move. We still have one large application running on .NET Framework that we would like to migrate to ASP.NET Core.