IKVM, a Java Virtual Machine for .NET, now supports .NET 6

published on 2022/05/31

IKVM is a Java Virtual Machine for .NET. It lets you run Java code in the form of JARs or class files on the .NET virtual machine. Byte code is translated either up front (static compilation) or on the fly. With a single command (usually) you can convert a .jar file into a .dll file for .NET. Or you can just new up a URLClassLoader from directly within .NET code and load a JAR.


IKVM is a fantastic project.

One of the use case for IKVM is allowing .NET systems to have access to platforms that only have Java SDK.

So many platforms do not have good .NET SDK but they would have great Java SDK, e.g. https://temporal.io/. This will allow .NET developers to have to access to those platforms easily.