Glamorous Toolkit (GT)

published on 2023/11/06

Glamorous Toolkit (GT) is the Moldable Development Environment. Version 1.0 embodies more than 6 years of development and is the result of some 14 years of research. Our goal is to make systems explainable by means of custom tools created for each problem. Glamorous Toolkit makes this possible by making the creation of custom tools inexpensive and seamless.

"Ok, but what is it really? I see programming in Smalltalk. I see knowledge management. I see visualizations. But I also see that you can explore data and APIs, and you can work with other languages. So, what exactly is Glamorous Toolkit?"

Ah. Keen observations. These do not even list everything. There are significantly more things you can do with the environment. And indeed, one way to evaluate Glamorous Toolkit is through what it can visibly do out of the box. It's not our preferred way, but that's what people do regardless. So, let's get quickly through a few of those visible things.