An exciting news on solid-state lithium battery

published on 2022/05/11

In February, QuantumScape shared another industry first with a single-layer cell that completed 400 consecutive 15-minute fast-charge cycles, replenishing from 10% to 80% capacity while still retaining over 80% of its initial energy.

Continuing its trend of developing and testing multi-layered cells that perform under the company’s “gold standard” conditions, QuantumScape shared that it has developed a 16-layer solid-state battery cell that has already endured over 500 charge cycles. So far, the cell’s energy retention and cycling have behaved similarly to the cells that came before it (see graphic above).


This paper outlines why solid-state lithium battery is very appealing for electric cars.

Solid-state batteries, currently used in small electronic devices like smart watches, have the potential to be safer and more powerful than lithium-ion batteries for things such as electric cars and storing energy from solar panels for later use. However, several technical challenges remain before solid-state batteries can become widespread.

The first bad thing that could happen is if the batteries caught on fire -- from either a neighboring battery or a surrounding building -- Torres-Castro said. In these cases, the researchers found that the solid-state battery with a little liquid electrolyte in it produced about one-fifth of the heat of a comparable lithium-ion battery -- depending on how much liquid electrolyte it had. The solid-state battery without liquid electrolyte didn't produce any heat under this scenario.

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