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Django 5.0 released

published on 2023/12/05

The release notes cover a deluge of exciting new features in detail, but a few highlights are:

  • The database-computed default values allow for defining database-computed defaults to model fields.
  • Continuing the trend of expanding the Django ORM, the generated model field allows the creation of database generated columns.
  • The concept of a field group was added to the templates system to simplify form field rendering.


Congratulations to the team and community

Experimental .NET support for WASI

published on 2023/12/05

We expect WASI to become a standard set of WIT types that provide access to low-level functionality (like getting the time and reading a file). These low-level types effectively form a “Wasm standard library” across programming languages and operating systems. We’re never had standard and shared functionality that Rust devs and .NET devs, for example, could both use. There isn’t any widely-deployed historical precedent of native code that exposed APIs with OO-ish shape (like interfaces) that could be used across programming languages and operating systems.

.NET 8 includes a new workload called wasi-experimental. It builds on top of the Wasm functionality used by Blazor, extending it to run in wasmtime and invoke WASI interfaces. It is far from done, but already enables useful functionality.


endatabas is a SQL Document Database with Full History

published on 2023/12/03

Endatabas is an open source immutable database. It benefits from today's confluence of scale-out computing power, limitless disk space, and machine learning.

We hope you will enjoy building with Endatabas as much as you enjoyed writing your first program.



Introduction to large language models

published on 2023/12/01

This is a must watch