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Queenie Wong / CNET:
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company could have acted more quickly to flag a doctored Nancy Pelosi video but defended its decision to leave it up  —  Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday that the social network could have acted more quickly to flag a doctored video …

Alexis C. Madrigal / The Atlantic:
Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is trying a new approach to limit the distribution of deepfakes, argues that the definition is too broad and needs to be scoped  —  Mark Zuckerberg signaled today that Facebook might be taking a different approach to so-called “deepfakes,” synthetic videos created through …

Daisuke Wakabayashi / New York Times:
Google, UChicago, and its medical center sued in a lawsuit accusing the hospital of sharing hundreds of thousands of identifiable patient records with Google  —  SAN FRANCISCO — When the University of Chicago Medical Center announced a partnership to share patient data with Google in 2017 …

Zoe Schiffer / INSIDER:
Report: ecommerce startup Brandless has hired John Rittenhouse as CEO after Tina Sharkey resigned in March amid tensions with SoftBank, which has a 40% stake  —  - In March, Tina Sharkey stepped down as CEO of Brandless, the direct-to-consumer retailer of “unbranded” household items.

Salvador Rodriguez / CNBC:
Mark Zuckerberg says weak US response to 2016 Russian election interference sent a signal to the world, and similar activity has increased from Iran and others  —  KEY POINTS  — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the U.S.'s weak response to 2016 Russian election interference has inspired …

Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica:
FCC gives Verizon permission to lock cell phones to its network for 60 days after activation, despite open-access rules applying to Verizon's 700MHz spectrum  —  Verizon, seeking to deter theft, gets FCC waiver to lock phones for 60 days.  —  Verizon yesterday received the government's permission …

Julia Alexander / The Verge:
Twitch launches beta of Subscriber Streams, which will let Twitch streamers who are Twitch Affiliates or Twitch Partners offer subscriber-only streams  —  A potentially useful tool for big events  —  Twitch is giving its well-behaved streamers a chance to offer a new …

Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet:
Less than a week after ransomware victim Riviera City paid ~$600K, another Florida town, Lake City, votes to pay ~$500K in BTC to ransomware hackers  —  Lake City officials give in and agree to pay nearly $500,000 to ransomware gang.  —  Less than a week after a first Florida city agreed …

Anthony Ha / TechCrunch:
Subscription e-book and audiobook service Scribd introduces Snapshots, bite-sized distillations of nonfiction books' key points  —  Subscription e-book and audiobook service Scribd is unveiling a new content type that it calls a Snapshot — a distillation of a nonfiction book's key points …

Mark Sweney / The Guardian:
Candy Crush Saga maker King touts to UK MPs that, of the game's 270M players, 9.2M play for 3-6 hours per day, and 432,000 play for six hours or more  —  Executive of maker King tells MPs he does not believe there is addiction problem  —  A top executive at the maker of the multibillion …

Joe Rossignol / MacRumors:
ARM confirms that its lead CPU and system architect, Mike Filippo, has joined Apple; Filippo's LinkedIn says he began work in May out of Austin, Texas  —  Multiple reports have indicated that Apple plans to transition to its own ARM-based processors in Macs starting as early as 2020 …

Will Sommer / The Daily Beast:
Reddit “quarantines” r/The_Donald, which has 750K+ subs, over threats made against cops and public figures; quarantines show a content warning upon visiting sub  —  Users allegedly threatened law enforcement ordered to find Republican senators in Oregon who went on the lam to duck voting for climate-change bill.

Karl Bode / VICE:
In a joint letter, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo tell the Trump administration that proposed Chinese tariffs would harm the game industry and cost gamers $840M  —  US consumers will pay a total of $840 million more for consoles than they would without Chinese tariffs, the companies warn.

Natt Garun / The Verge:
Google says its location history auto-delete tool, which lets users pick either 3 or 18 months of data retention, is rolling out on mobile over next few weeks  —  On both Android and iOS  —  Google is now beginning to roll out its location history auto-delete feature after announcing …

Christine Fisher / Engadget:
YouTube gives users a “don't recommend channel” option and a way to pick topics of interest for videos showing in Up Next or homepage, now on iOS and Android  —  No matter how advanced algorithms get, none will understand your YouTube viewing preferences better than you.

A neighbor shared a plate of smoked fish from Russ & Daughters on Houston St. It was sooo good.

Maybe the city should offer the Nets use of Madison Square Garden until the Knicks get it together. Maybe we could even call the Nets the Knicks, why not, it's not as if the actual Knicks are doing anything with the name. Let Brooklyn have Dolan.

I watched a bit of last night's show starring John Lithgow as Trump. It was sold as a play. I thought that meant it was going to be dialog between characters, pure story-telling creating suspension of disbelief, but it was just another reading of the Mueller report, a good one. I would have thought that great actors would want to do a play, but it wasn't a play. It was actors reading a report written by lawyers.

In the rest of this post I'll outline how the project, if it were to really have impact, would get started. It will be more of a commitment than last night's performance. But our world is worth it, don't you think??

So here's the concept...

A serial radio play, distributed as a weekly podcast.

Opening scene, a congressional hearing. A select committee of senators and representatives question (actors playing) Manafort, Flynn, Hicks, Comey, etc, who answer questions fully as they did for Mueller. The answers derive from the report, but they are not verbatim. The actors strive to present their characters in a good light. The congresspeople are all interested in getting the truth. Even the Repubs. This part of course is fiction. Artistic license. And the Democrats have the guts to ask probing, hard questions.

Dramatic interludes in the Oval Office, on Air Force One, golf courses and watching TV (executive time) where the president, played by Lithgow (an excellent choice to play Trump) gives soliloquies in the form of phone conversations with various celebs such as Hannity, Carl Icahn and a few surprises. We keep coming back to the hearing room, that's where the story is really being told.

The resulting radio show, a riveting drama, is released one episode a week as a podcast.

PS: Perfect person to write it imho -- Aaron Sorkin.